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For years, one of my colleagues, an admitted child molester, sat in my chamber ⁠— no expulsion. One member sits in my chamber who was found guilty of domestic violence ⁠— no expulsion. I had a former speaker sit in my chamber who is now under federal investigation ⁠— no expulsion. I have a member still under federal investigation ⁠— no expulsion. Oh, also, a member peed in another member's guessed it, no expulsion.

Let's be clear, it comes down to the color of your skin. My only regret is that a white was part of the peaceful demonstration but thankfully, the white is staying and the blacks are gone. This is me. This is who I am. This is what I represent. This will be my legacy. Go fuck yourselves, Tennessee!

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 Monthly Piece of Shit


This month, My buddy Jeremy Faison is not only perverted for trying to pull down the pants of a referee in front of children (it's on video), but he doesn't want Critical Race Theory taught in schools because hiding racism is most important to him. He's a piece of shit.​

Child Molester of the Week


Meet a very important part of the GOP Tennessee House of Representatives, David Byrd! When David was a coach for Wayne County High School girls basketball team, he molested THREE girls (that we know of) ages 15-16! It's super gross but hey, at least he's not black!​

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