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Lawless Sexton

Take a looksie down below here and see the things I haven't been held accountable for and most likely never will because, you know, America!

My Residence and Why it Matters

Voting in my District

I represent the 25th district, a community located about 115 miles east of Nashville. In 2022, I won reelection with more than 82% of the vote. However, I'm not a qualified voter of the 25th district.


I list my address in Crossville as 186 Homestead Drive. But, according to property records, I sold that house in October 2020 for $420,000. I then purchased a much smaller, 1200 sq foot, two-bedroom condo in a nearby retirement community. I listed that condo as my residence when I filed to run for reelection in 2022. 

Tennessee Code

Under Section 2-2-122(a)(5) of the Tennessee Code, “[t]he place where a married person’s spouse and family have their habitation is presumed to be the person’s place of residence.” I have two adult children from a previous marriage. I have one school-aged child with my current spouse, Lacey. There is significant evidence that my wife and family do not live in Crossville. 


While the evidence suggests that I live in the Nashville area, I still collect tens of thousands of dollars from Tennessee taxpayers based on the premise that I'm a full-time resident of Crossville.

Property Taxes

I have not paid my property taxes for TWO YEARS!


BIG thanks to Judd Legum and Popular Information for all of the amazing research and work. More information HERE.

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