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Upcoming Website Advertising

In February of this year I purchased the domain, On March 12th 2023 the website went live. Since then I’ve gotten five “anonymous” offers to purchase the domain with each offer a little higher than the last. 


I’ve also had numerous demands to have the website taken down and even had it down temporarily due to complaints about the content being harmful for children.

And now, I've acquired the domains for Speaker Sexton, Congressman Ogles, and Congressman Lamberth. All with their fascist and dangerous actions on full display.


Since I’m obviously in their heads and I update this website on a weekly basis, I felt it was time to reach as many people in Tennessee as possible to let them know that not only did I snag the Governor’s domain and other Tennessee GOP members, but these will be the go-to websites for all the facts.


I will be creating ads for the websites and purchasing advertising across the state for Billboards, Airports, Bus Stops, and other avenues even as small as bumper stickers.​


Donate via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp below and follow this page and my social media for weekly updates.




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